Board Spotlight: "Casa - Pueblito Values Participation"

By: Tanya Chute Molina
Role: Board Member
# years involved with Casa – Pueblito: 1 year

Why and how did you get involved with Casa – Pueblito?  

‎I got involved with Casa Pueblito as a way to refresh my experience with community-based international development and contribute to grassroots projects in Nicaragua. I had family ties to Nicaragua and had vacationed there on multiple occasions. A friend of mine recommended Casa Pueblito based on her husband's experience leading high school trips to Nicaragua.

What is the best thing about being a part of the Casa – Pueblito community?

The best thing about being involved with Casa Pueblito is being part of a group of sincere and committed people who see development as a partnership with local leaders and communities in Nicaragua.

If there’s one thing people should know about Casa – Pueblito, what would it be?

Casa - Pueblito values participation - the participation of communities in their own development, and the participation of donors and volunteers, board members and student groups, in a project of solidarity with the Nicaraguan people. It has both the benefits and challenges of a small organisation that relies heavily on its community of supporters to drive and resource the work.