Solidarity Trips to Nicaragua

Join us in Nicaragua

Casa - Pueblito facilitates transformative experiences in Nicaragua.  We work with between 4 and 20 schools and community groups each year to create a meaningful exchange with our community partners in Nicaragua. Our approach is grounded in solidarity, which means we value mutual learning, sharing and support.  Our global education curriculum helps participants understand Nicaragua’s history and cultural and political context.  The most important aspect of these solidarity trips is the close connection that participants and communities build.  Some people return for many years after their initial visit to reconnect with their host families and many become involved in movements at home to fight against global inequality and oppression. We also help individual and group travelers who are interested in learning about  Nicaragua as more than a tourist destination.



I liked how eager the students were to learn...The students liked to chat… The day of the farewell they didn’t sleep and cried a lot when they were leaving the community.
— Community member and host
The first year I went to Nicaragua I visited an amazing organization called Podcasts for Peace. These kids blew my mind! So smart and talented. We spent an entire afternoon playing games and learning new things about each other’s culture. I remember going home that evening and realizing that this trip had become more than I thought possible and I knew I wanted to keep coming back, I still had so much to learn.”
— Sophia Lopes, a student who visited Nicaragua